Faculty and Staff

The great Irish poet and Nobel prize winner, William Butler Yeats, always attributed his craft and skill not just to his natural ability, but also to his fine education.  He once wrote that "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."  For Yeats, it was the responsibility of the teacher to not only provide information and instill facts, but to also inspire passion and a love for learning. 

For that reason, our faculty and staff are purposely chosen not just for their outstanding credentials in their respective fields of study, but also for that passion and drive that will inspire young men to become the leaders of tomorrow.  We have listed below our faculty and staff in alphabetical order, but have also listed them by Departments to the left. If you would like to see a fuller bio of a particular person, just click on their name.  Feel free to contact them and be inspired by their passion for the Academy and its mission!