Subiaco Academy
  1. Ms. Goetz will meet will all students who have APEX courses in the PAC auditorium at 8:40 this morning.  Those on retreat should see Ms. Goetz at check-in.
  2. Sophomore Section B will be on retreat today (Thursday).
  3. Students are reminded that no food is to be taken from the cafeteria after meals.  No food or snacks are to be eaten in the library, the PAC, the art building, Main, or Alumni Hall.  You may only have water in these areas—no sports drinks, coffee, sodas, or hot chocolate.  There has been a multitude of messes made with food and drink in the buildings and on the sidewalks lately.  Let’s be good stewards of our Academy.
  4. The Trojan Shop will be open during both lunches today (Thursday). 
  5. We will have an early dismissal this tomorrow, February 17, at 1:20 pm for Faculty Continuing Education.  The Barling bus will depart campus at 1:30 pm.

Friday's Schedule

Period 5B                    8:00-9:10

Period 1B/Jr. High 1    9:15-10:20

Then regular Friday schedule through 4th period.

Classes dismiss at 1:20.

*Jr. High will not have PE/Athletics this Friday.