Subiaco Academy
  1. Student Council will meet this morning during Enrichment in A5.
  2. The Trojan Shop will be open this today during both lunches.
  3. Emmet Page, Joseph Smith, and Camarion Raino will be competing at the State level in wrestling today and tomorrow.  Please keep them in your prayers.
  4. The Swim Team will compete at 10:00 am. in the 4A-1A/5A State Swim Meet at Texarkana High School tomorrow.  Swimmers in travel gear are dismissed at 2:00 pm on Friday. The Live Stream Link will soon be posted on the school's social media. Please keep the team in your prayers!


AAA (Arkansas) Events and Tickets by GoFan

  1. Above is the link for your families and fans to purchase tickets to the swimming meet. They have to bring their phone and show the purchased ticket to the people at the entrance. This can also be done at the entrance but will go quicker if tickets are already purchased.

  1. The swim meet will be livestreamed by following the above link at 10:00 am. on Saturday. Feel free to share it with families and friends who can't make the meet.  


  1. Apex students are reminded that all classes must be completely up to date by today. 
  2. There will be a junior class meeting next Tuesday, February 28, in the PAC auditorium at 8:15 am.