Subiaco Academy
  • Student Council Executive Officers meeting today at 8:15 in room A5.
  • Attention:  Students are to access the 2nd and 3rd floors of Main via the center staircase near the cafeteria.  The front staircase near the Trojan Head in the lobby is for employees and visitors to the development and the business offices.
  • The football players are dismissed from class today at 1:15 to depart for their games in Hot Springs.
  • Ms. Morris and Dr. Wright are working together to host a soccer game on Saturday, September 24th at 2pm.  This game will be hosted by Subiaco and will be held on the practice field behind Heard Hall.  Ms. Morris will be bringing her travel team from Charleston.  Anyone from Subiaco is welcome to come to the fields to play or watch.  Please see Ms. Morris or Dr. Wright to sign up to play.
  • This Saturday, September 24, is a Virtual School Saturday for Fine Arts and Religious Studies.  An email with instructions was sent to your Subiaco email address last week.  Please check with your teachers for instructions.  Please let Ms. Goetz know if you did not receive an email.