Subiaco Academy
  1.  In honor of Black Poetry Day (October 17), StuCo encourages you to pick up some poetry written by Black poets. Explore the poetry of Jessie Redmon Fauset, Robert Hayden, Wanda Phips, or Arna Bontemps. Black Poetry Day was established in 1985 honoring the birth of the first Black poet published in the United States, Jupiter Hammon. The poet is considered the father of African American Literature. Born into slavery, Hammon received an education, learned to read, and was allowed the use of the manor library.

2.     The Jazz Ensemble will perform at the Garrison Street La Huerta in Fort Smith at 6 PM tonight.

3.     Grand Canyon University will be visiting during lunch tomorrow, Thursday, October 26.

4.     The theme for the student section at Friday night’s home game is “Pink.”  All students attending the ballgame should wear pink.

5.     Early dismissal this Friday, October 21, for Faculty Continuing Education.  Second period will drop out of the schedule.  Fourth period classes will meet from 10:30-11:10 followed by the regular lunch block classes.   Class 5B will meet from 12:35-1:20. Classes are dismissed at 1:20.  The Barling bus will depart campus at 1:30 PM. 

6.     Parallel Curriculum classes will meet next TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, during the Enrichment periods.

7.     Self-Pay students wanting to attend the Castle of Muskogee, please see Ms. Hoffower to sign up and get tickets.

8.     The Flu Shot Clinic will be held at Subiaco on October 27 beginning at approximately 8:30 AM.  Nurse Barbara will be contacting parents and students with information.