Subiaco Academy
  • Red is a sign of good luck for the Lunar New Year!  Everyone may wear a red shirt with jeans or your khaki shorts/pants for good luck in the Lunar New Year.  If you do not have a red shirt, you should wear regular class dress. 
  • Track practice begins Monday, January 23.  If you are currently in jr. high football, you will continue to lift weights until 8:40 am.  All jr. high football players will go with Coach Creek for track practice as part of the off-season program even if you do not intend to compete at meets.  Dress properly for being on the track outside.  If you are in baseball or basketball but want to run track, please let Coach Creek know.  You will continue with basketball and baseball practice, but Coach Creek needs to know your intentions.  Track is a laid-back sport at Subiaco and can be enjoyable for all.  You can socialize with guys and girls from other schools and make many new friends at track meets. 
  • The Wellbeing Committee will meet Tuesday at 8:10 in Collaboration Room B. 
  • There are two spots left for the ski trip. Any interested juniors or seniors must contact Dr. Wright as soon as possible. If there are no takers, we will open the last two spots to sophomores.
  • Seniors who need to complete the computer applications project to meet their graduation requirement should notify Ms. Goetz by end of the day today.
  • The first sophomore retreat is Wednesday, January 25.  Those attending are Dc. Goetz’s section of religious studies.
  • The Academic Programming Committee will meet next Thursday in the library conference room at 8:10.