Trojans at the Coliseum

On May 15th (the morning after the Academy graduation), vehicles bearing Trojans headed out to Chicago to catch a plane for Rome. The group was composed of nine Trojan alumni and six chaperones as they embarked on a ten-day pilgrimage to Rome. The Trojans included: Joshua Bowman '22, Justin Post '22, Adam Donaldson '22, Jackson Frederick ‘21, Matthew Kremers ‘21, Ethan Spillers ‘21, Aidan Everett ‘21, Conner King ‘21, and Payne Lee ’21. Joined by Br. Sebastian and other chaperones (Melissa and Khiley Frederick, Greg, Christie, and Chandler Donaldson), the group visited the four major basilicas of Rome, traveled to Assisi for a day, saw the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, works by Rafael and Caravaggio, the Holy Steps, Pontifical Houses of Study, the Benedictine Sant’Anselmo, countless churches, and had second row seats for the Wednesday Papal audience held in Bernini’s St. Peter’s Square. Br. Raban, a former Academy teacher and coach from Subiaco, is undertaking seminary studies in Rome so he was able to welcome the entire crew. The group returned safely to America although the Italians will long speak of the Trojans storming Rome. UIOGD!