Subiaco Academy
  • Early dismissal this Friday for faculty continuing education.  Classes dismiss at 1:20. The Barling bus will depart from the front of Main at 1:30 PM sharp!    Note:  We will drop period 4 and move period 5B to the 12:35-1:20 period. 
  • The tennis team is dismissed from class at 1:00 today for their match in Clarksville.
  • HAVE PRIDE IN YOUR CAMPUS!  We are blessed to work and go to school in beautiful surroundings.  This serves as a friendly reminder that no food or beverages other than water are allowed in the Academic buildings:  Alumni, Art, Centenary Hall, and Main 2nd & 3rd.  Please be good stewards and place all trash in the trash bins around campus and not on the floors and grounds.  Thank you in advance!
  • Attention:  Students are to access the 2nd and 3rd floors of Main via the center staircase near the cafeteria.  The front staircase near the Trojan Head in the lobby is for employees and visitors to the development and the business offices.