Subiaco Academy depends on a strong culture of support from a number of constituents. We nurture long-term relationships with donors who share of vision and are dedicated to helping us fulfill our mission. In partnership with Subiaco Abbey, we focus our efforts for support on building friendships and connections to our institution and its community. It is with understanding and inclusion that families become life-long supporters of Catholic education. 

Gifts to Subiaco Academy support the elements that continue to help us receive top ratings — talented faculty and coaches, student diversity, small class sizes, enhanced programs in outdoor adventure and the arts, exceptional athletic offerings, and a campus surrounded by trees, hills, and the open sky. 

There are multiple ways to support the ongoing ministry of education begun by the monks in 1887. Our yearly support includes both an Annual Fund for operational needs and the Tuition Assistance Program which provides qualifying families with necessary funding to cover some of the expenses associated with the holistic approach to educating the young men entrusted to us. 

A donor might also discover the timeless impact of leaving a legacy to the Academy through an estate gift. Your thoughtful contribution ensures a lasting educational journey for generations to come. Explore the possibilities on our Legacy Website and access valuable insights in our Free Estate Planning Guide

In the years from 2011-2015, Subiaco conducted a campaign known as Continuing the Tradition which focused on building a new dormitory and event space, campus-wide technology upgrades and a large endowment for the care of the elderly monks of Subiaco Abbey, raising over $8.2 million. Building on the overwhelming support from that campaign, we are currently in the midst of Legacy from Tradition: Onward Together, which has already reached $7.25 million and brought about significant enhancements to Alumni Hall, Wardlaw Hall, and Main Building, and has provided means to build our endowment for tuition assistance, as well as many other important infrastructure projects. Take a look at what’s been accomplished and what’s left to do by clicking HERE

You will find contact information for any of the giving opportunities in the pages associated with the clickable links above. We encourage you to reach out to us anytime and allow us to share the benefits of Subiaco Abbey and Academy with you. We look forward to hearing from you!