Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counseling

At Subiaco Academy, each student is a top priority. The Student Services team works collaboratively to provide academic, social, and spiritual support. The team meets weekly to increase teacher awareness of distinctive learning characteristics of individual students and coordinate interventions in reading comprehension, study/organizational skills and time management. The team serves as mentors for learning, teaching, and thinking strategies, and academic skills acquisition.

Mr. Mike Berry, Assistant Head for Student Life

  • Facilitates and oversees services of the grade level counselors and support services team

  • Facilitates dialogue with parents, teachers, and students

Mrs. Cheryl Armstrong Goetz, Assistant Head for Academics

  • Oversees curriculum and faculty

  • Guides each student in the selection of his course of study

  • Provides specific academic guidance for juniors

  • Facilitates dialogue with parents, teachers, and students

Mr. Robert Pugh, Guidance Counselor for all Academy students, and Academic counselor for sophomores, juniors, and seniors

  • Provides specific academic guidance

  • Helps new students in their adjustment to the Subiaco Environment

  • Counsels students as needed, offering support for emotional/social needs

  • Serves as a student advocate

  • Coordinates peer tutoring

Mr. Jeff Ingle, Academic counselor for seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students

  • Provides specific academic guidance

  • Coordinates peer tutoring

  • Teaches academic success skills

Mrs. Michelle Chuang, Instructor for English for International Students

  • Offers test preparation for the TOEFL (BT)

  • Assists with testing and placement of International students

  • Teaches English for International Students who need to improve English language skills

  • Conducts the phone interviews and the language evaluation of bilingual students

Dc. Roy Goetz, Chaplain

  • Offers spiritual guidance

  • Conducts confirmation preparation

  • Offers catechesis for those wishing to become Catholic

  • Trains lectors, acolytes, and ushers for Mass