Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

“The true test of any performing group is playing for and connecting with an unfamiliar audience. Communication with the audience is essential. To make a physical, emotional, and artistic connection is the supreme goal of any performance.”

Roy Goetz, Director, Subiaco Jazz Ensemble

Our Jazz ensemble performs music in the following styles: Traditional blues, 30’s-50’s big band, be-bop, swing, rock, R&B, Latin, and fusion. It is important that our high school music students not only learn to perform this uniquely American music, but also come to an understanding of its origins. Over the past seventeen years, the ensemble has earned the top honors at festivals in Dallas and San Antonio and has performed at several other invitation-only venues in San Antonio, Saint Louis, Memphis, Branson, Hot Springs, and Fayetteville as well as locally.

-The ensemble often secures the privilege of performing at professional venues by submitting audition recordings. Very few amateur groups receive these types of invitations.

The ensemble is performance oriented and receives over 100 invitations to perform each year. Because of other academic demands, we typically commit to about 35 of these venues.